mercredi 14 mars 2018

Steam page for Voxel Baller!!

It took a lot of time and efforts, but Voxel Baller now has a Steam page, and it is near release!

Steam page: ~ HERE ~

I have to say, it is quite moving...

lundi 6 novembre 2017

New website

I have a new website, showing everything I've been doing in a clean, simple way. There are a few new pics & GIFs about Cape Bleue.

You can see everything here :

jeudi 2 mars 2017

Voxel Baller on Greenlight

I'm doing a voxel brick-breaking game for a few months. It's now on Steam Greenlight!

You can help by voting here: 

jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Latest screenshots

Here are some screenshots showing the latest build of Cape Bleue.

I've redone the parallax programming, and added a few layers. Here is the main character on a zipline (in a specific spot that would have bugged severely before the reprogramming, so even if it doesn't look like it, this thing is a great victory).

You can use a small robot to get in narrow places. Or to initiate a mine or another trap...

Trying to guard with a shield against an attack.

Slaying mosquitoes.

Sending a knife.

Same thing with a fireball...

Effect of a fireball in someone's face.

The new dialogue UI.

First tests of localization (the main version is in english). And you can see how the scene is zoomed in, as it is in every building's interior now.

samedi 27 août 2016

Dialogues UI

I did a lot of debugging on character controller lately. It gets better. I now have a nice, well tested ladder system for example. Yay!

I did also work on the dialogue UI, now using all the portraits I did a while ago.

Here are two screenshots showing the current state of the dialogue system:

mardi 19 juillet 2016


I spent some time lately working on colors. I edited the colors of nearly every object in the game, and redrew some of them.

Below you can see before/after comparison screenshots (click for full size):

There is still work to do, especially on enemies, as I plan to redo them with a better contrast and volumes, like shown below (still in progress).

Up: current enemies. Down: the kind of thing I'm doing.

Here are some screenshots showing the latest build, with new colors everywhere. There are still tunings to do, but it's really better than before. I hope you'll like it.




lundi 4 juillet 2016

Latest build screenshots

I changed the sky color in Village & Plains levels

An upside down frame of player character showing the new salto / double jump

2 objects to highlight transitions between levels: a sign (telling where you're going) and a giant blinking arrow

Mosquitos send green bullets. Their behavior still needs work (I want them to move around the player, without being too hard to hit with a sword attack...)

Here you can see the new tileset, and a bit of water caves

You can now send fireballs, with 3D sound & nice smoke particles