mercredi 11 février 2015

Very early build screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Cape Bleue as it is today. I'm currently working on fundamentals like enemy AI or rendering, so these screenshots lack a lot of objects or background elements that I'll do later. (click for full size images)

One of the first enemies : ogre level 1, has two attacks, can block and break player's guard.
Here is a gif of ogre's attack animation showed on previous screenshot.

The sky wasn't made by me, it's a Unity asset I'll only use until I draw another one. I'm still glad to use it, because having a nice, heart-warming blue sky really soon in development seemed important.


Some zombies on a I-put-random-objects-everywhere test scene.

A sight of conversation interface. I plan to NOT have a lot of dialogue lines (the first reason being I skip these scenes frenetically as a player) in the game, so making two versions of the game (english and french) shouldn't be too difficult.

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