lundi 11 mai 2015

Voxel! making pixel art in 3D

I continued my work on Voxels. I'm still not sure if it'll be useful in Cape Bleue, but I like this process, and I thought I could show it here.

So I start with a small pixel art truck I draw a few weeks ago.

original size (x1)

size x3

I import it in Qubicle (I don't use MagicaVoxel anymore, it was a nice little soft but it lacks necessary functions like copy/paste or move) and extrude the form to the depth. I won't explain the process again as it's quite simple (it's just doing pixel art in three dimensions) and I already did a quick explanation in a recent post.

Work was 75 % done when this screenshot was taken : extrude is done, headlights are OK, but the wheels are not "cut", and there's no license plate yet
After some time sculpting it, I'm happy with the result.

Now I can view the truck on various views, and start dreaming about all the games that could be done with nice 3D assets like these :)

I can also generate variations around the first image in this post, with slightly new angles (but still in side view so it can be used in projects like Cape Bleue), like shown below :

I think this render, for example, is a far better drawing than the one I did in pixelart.

And finally, a good ol' gif showing the truck on every (side view) angle :

Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!

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