vendredi 1 mai 2015

New tileset & voxel tests

Very quick update this time.

I'm rebuilding the levels in Unity, with a new rocks & dirt tileset. The dirt is a slight rework of the old dirt tileset, and rocks are all new, made by me with the help of Mathias.   

A few days ago, I tried to transform some pixel graphics I made for Cape Bleue in voxels. It was only very quick tests on newly discovered software (MagicaVoxel), but the result is interesting. I plan to do more of this.

The two next pictures can help to figure how it's done, and why voxel is different from classic 3D modelling : I upload an image (here, a red car) and extrude it to the depth.

And from this point, I can sculpt the form very easily by adding or erasing little squares. The yellow car is half-done (only the front is sculpted).

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