jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Latest screenshots

Here are some screenshots showing the latest build of Cape Bleue.

I've redone the parallax programming, and added a few layers. Here is the main character on a zipline (in a specific spot that would have bugged severely before the reprogramming, so even if it doesn't look like it, this thing is a great victory).

You can use a small robot to get in narrow places. Or to initiate a mine or another trap...

Trying to guard with a shield against an attack.

Slaying mosquitoes.

Sending a knife.

Same thing with a fireball...

Effect of a fireball in someone's face.

The new dialogue UI.

First tests of localization (the main version is in english). And you can see how the scene is zoomed in, as it is in every building's interior now.

samedi 27 août 2016

Dialogues UI

I did a lot of debugging on character controller lately. It gets better. I now have a nice, well tested ladder system for example. Yay!

I did also work on the dialogue UI, now using all the portraits I did a while ago.

Here are two screenshots showing the current state of the dialogue system:

mardi 19 juillet 2016


I spent some time lately working on colors. I edited the colors of nearly every object in the game, and redrew some of them.

Below you can see before/after comparison screenshots (click for full size):

There is still work to do, especially on enemies, as I plan to redo them with a better contrast and volumes, like shown below (still in progress).

Up: current enemies. Down: the kind of thing I'm doing.

Here are some screenshots showing the latest build, with new colors everywhere. There are still tunings to do, but it's really better than before. I hope you'll like it.




lundi 4 juillet 2016

Latest build screenshots

I changed the sky color in Village & Plains levels

An upside down frame of player character showing the new salto / double jump

2 objects to highlight transitions between levels: a sign (telling where you're going) and a giant blinking arrow

Mosquitos send green bullets. Their behavior still needs work (I want them to move around the player, without being too hard to hit with a sword attack...)

Here you can see the new tileset, and a bit of water caves

You can now send fireballs, with 3D sound & nice smoke particles

mardi 31 mai 2016

Portraits & new tileset

I've been unable to code for a few days (plugin incompatibility, waiting new version to solve it), the good thing is I used this time to add new graphics.

The first is a style of portraits, showing every character in the dialogue part of the game. Making portraits from ultra low-rez sprites is fun! Here is the first batch, click for bigger size:

And I'm working again on tileset. Here is a screenshot of my work in Pyxel Edit, showing the new tileset I'll use in the beginning of the game (the goal is to replace the tileset used here for example).

mercredi 18 mai 2016

Latest screenshots

I worked on level design lately. I think the design of the first level is now 95% complete. I also debugged a lot of things, but there are still problems to solve.

Here are a few screenshots of the game in its current state (still in progress):



lundi 9 mai 2016

What's new

I programmed some interesting new stuff lately, and did a lot of debugging.

- I worked on performance, creating a system of auto activation/desactivation used by every enemy. And I reworked the enemy AI to avoid unnecessary colliders usage (for example, on the situation showed on the GIF I posted last time, now two of the colliders are only activated for a frame, when needed).

- Charged attack is now possible in the game! You keep the attack button pressed, during this time a bar fills itself (while the stamina bar decreases), full after 2 or 3 seconds. When released, you perform a strong attack, with a damage multiplier.

- I did a lot of debugging of animation transitions, and some changes in the game's physics (most of the objects have less mass than before).

Here is the animator for the player object. Pretty nightmarish.

- You can now pause the game.

- I knew it was going to be like this, so I shouldn't complain... But the swimming part is really hard to program, if I want it in a perfect way, covering every possibility (I want the swim ability to be unlocked during the game...), feeling natural & debugged... I'm still working on it.

Oxygen bar is one thing done.
I hope I can release a good demo of Cape Bleue, soon! Thank you for following this blog.

mercredi 20 avril 2016

Chrono cards & enemy AI

I spent the last days programming "chrono cards" UI for Cape Bleue. It's a system of unlockable pages about the game's backstory (the 1000 years before the game's beginning, leading to the world you see in the game).

I also worked on enemy AI. Here is a GIF showing an enemy in motion, and the detection colliders attached, used to detect the type of ground he faces & take decisions. Sorry about the quite bad looping.

jeudi 7 avril 2016


I'm working on the swimming mode for Cape Bleue, with an oxygen bar, and its own move speed, animations, etc. Here is a screenshot of a quick test I just made:

I also redesigned some UI stuff, and added a "unlocks" panel in the inventory, showing each abilities unlocked by the player. Here is a screenshot:

That's all! Thanks for your support, and for following the development of Cape Bleue, on this blog or on Reddit.

jeudi 31 mars 2016

Real time map

I just finished programming a real time map for Cape Bleue. You can see it in action in this accelerated GIF (the map is on the upper right corner).

jeudi 24 mars 2016

What's new

Long time since the last blog update... but I didn't stop working on Cape Bleue. Here's what's new:

- A new design for the main character, with better colors. Because of this, I had to edit every animation (more than 300 frames...). It was a good opportunity to add a few new animations ("idle to run" transition, for example, or climbing) and rework some of the most important (like run, attack, etc.), so I did this.

Here you can see the sprite design evolution.

1 is the original sprite.
2 is a redesign in a mock up of Cape Bleue made by Mathias.
3 is a try I made to adapt Mathias' version in the current style & size of the game.
4 is the new version, taking some ideas from 2, adapted to the game's general graphic style.

Below you can see some of the new moves : double jump (salto) and strong attack.

- Secrets & hidden passages. A few pics to show the process in game:

- New tilesets & backgrounds.

- Enemy AI has been entirely redone, for a better enemy behavior, and making it easier to add new enemies later. Nothing to show about this, but it will be a huge enhancement in the development process.