jeudi 31 mars 2016

Real time map

I just finished programming a real time map for Cape Bleue. You can see it in action in this accelerated GIF (the map is on the upper right corner).

jeudi 24 mars 2016

What's new

Long time since the last blog update... but I didn't stop working on Cape Bleue. Here's what's new:

- A new design for the main character, with better colors. Because of this, I had to edit every animation (more than 300 frames...). It was a good opportunity to add a few new animations ("idle to run" transition, for example, or climbing) and rework some of the most important (like run, attack, etc.), so I did this.

Here you can see the sprite design evolution.

1 is the original sprite.
2 is a redesign in a mock up of Cape Bleue made by Mathias.
3 is a try I made to adapt Mathias' version in the current style & size of the game.
4 is the new version, taking some ideas from 2, adapted to the game's general graphic style.

Below you can see some of the new moves : double jump (salto) and strong attack.

- Secrets & hidden passages. A few pics to show the process in game:

- New tilesets & backgrounds.

- Enemy AI has been entirely redone, for a better enemy behavior, and making it easier to add new enemies later. Nothing to show about this, but it will be a huge enhancement in the development process.