jeudi 24 mars 2016

What's new

Long time since the last blog update... but I didn't stop working on Cape Bleue. Here's what's new:

- A new design for the main character, with better colors. Because of this, I had to edit every animation (more than 300 frames...). It was a good opportunity to add a few new animations ("idle to run" transition, for example, or climbing) and rework some of the most important (like run, attack, etc.), so I did this.

Here you can see the sprite design evolution.

1 is the original sprite.
2 is a redesign in a mock up of Cape Bleue made by Mathias.
3 is a try I made to adapt Mathias' version in the current style & size of the game.
4 is the new version, taking some ideas from 2, adapted to the game's general graphic style.

Below you can see some of the new moves : double jump (salto) and strong attack.

- Secrets & hidden passages. A few pics to show the process in game:

- New tilesets & backgrounds.

- Enemy AI has been entirely redone, for a better enemy behavior, and making it easier to add new enemies later. Nothing to show about this, but it will be a huge enhancement in the development process.

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