jeudi 19 février 2015

Player attack animation

My first try on the player attack animation has been a failure : it was too long to trigger the actual attack after player's input, and broke the gameplay.

So I cut out most of the frames and had this :

It's really ugly, but fast : 3 frames. Useful to test gameplay and stuff. With this I was finally able to work on a (modest) fighting engine in Unity.

Later, I replaced it by a new animation, almost as fast to trigger actual attack (attack collider is enabled on third frame), and better looking.

I still have huge amount of work on this : it would be nice to have 2 or 3 attacks in a combo, a special (charged) attack... and a jump attack wouldn't hurt, too. All this work is sometimes overwhelming.

But let's enjoy today's victory : I'm happy to see it in action & cut heads with a decent animation.

samedi 14 février 2015

Chara designs

The chara designs I made so far, for my 2D platform-action game.

I began with the player character (character in blue, on the first line). I wanted a style simple enough to be handled by a non professional drawer, and chose to try a pixel art style like Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (which I haven't played yet. But I found the screenshots amazing). So, no black borders on sprites, and a one pixel width for arms and legs.
Sprites scaled x3

Sprites original scale

The second and third lines show enemies. The "fat" enemies  (second and third) don't respect one of the rule (one pix width for arms & legs), and I must admit they are the one I had the most fun to draw and animate. So if I had time, maybe I should redraw all characters with that style, I don't know yet.

On the fourth line, I put some friendly NPC, giving advices and selling stuff to the player. They will have simple animations, like this one below.

The football kid NPC. Guess why he's named like that...
Feel free to comment if you have remarks or advice, or just to say if you like it or not !

mercredi 11 février 2015

Very early build screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Cape Bleue as it is today. I'm currently working on fundamentals like enemy AI or rendering, so these screenshots lack a lot of objects or background elements that I'll do later. (click for full size images)

One of the first enemies : ogre level 1, has two attacks, can block and break player's guard.
Here is a gif of ogre's attack animation showed on previous screenshot.

The sky wasn't made by me, it's a Unity asset I'll only use until I draw another one. I'm still glad to use it, because having a nice, heart-warming blue sky really soon in development seemed important.


Some zombies on a I-put-random-objects-everywhere test scene.

A sight of conversation interface. I plan to NOT have a lot of dialogue lines (the first reason being I skip these scenes frenetically as a player) in the game, so making two versions of the game (english and french) shouldn't be too difficult.

Start of MKDgames

Hi ! I'm a french gamedev.

Here I'll talk about games I make, provide infos (screenshots, videos) & streamed access to builds of the current state of the game I'm working on, if possible.